The Small Arena, found within the complex of the Kombank Arena, will be opening its doors in June for all recreational sportspersons, as well as for preparations and trainings for athletes. Covering an area of 2275m2, the Small Arena is the latest and most up-to-date centre for athletic activities.

Part of the overall complex of the largest facility in the Balkans, it was presented to the public for the first time during the European Athletics Indoor Championships in 2017, followed by the finals of the Belgrade Handball Championship for students of primary and secondary schools, as well as the Little Olympics organized by the Sports Association of Belgrade. Recently, the best Serbian female handball players prepared for the qualification tournaments in the Small Arena.

Due to its structure and approach, the Small Arena is ideal for recreational sports, as well as preparations and trainings for athletes. The court, 29.20m x 43.70m in size, with a height of 10m is covered in hardwood and if needed can be divided into two courts for futsal, basketball, handball and volleyball.

Likewise, in addition to this hall, there is a separate hall covered in mirrors, 130m2 in size (13m x 7m), ideal for group programmes of yoga, aerobics, fitness, zumba, combat sports, children’s sports schools, dance, ballet…

The advantage of the Small Arena compared to other similar-type spaces is the provided parking within the area of the Kombank Arena, as well as a separate, independent entrance with a reception, providing unlimited options for independent operation. The air-conditioning system ensures both a pleasant temperature in the summer, as well as adequate hall heating in the winter, so trainings can be held regardless of the weather.

A café bar is located within the Small Arena, providing full overview over the activities on the courts.

The Small Arena is also comprised of ancillary rooms, including locker rooms with separate showers, lockers for depositing personal items, and all the elements necessary for top-of-the-line service.

The air-conditioned Small Arena facility is an ideal space to achieve top form and results for all recreational and professional athletes during the coming summer period.